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Free Shipping on all Orders AED 80 & above...
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About Us

Who We Are…

Licensed in the UAE as Sweven LLC, we’re not just like any other online shopping destination.  Instead, we are the ULTIMATE destination for people in search of quality fashion accessories, clothes, and many more.

We understand the value of accessories to women of all ages in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait.  We admire their pursuit to be their own stylist and combining the right frills to their outfit to fit the right circumstance while elevating their mood! 

For this reason, we assist shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for, may it be for their personal use, commercial requirements, sentimental reasons, or as gifts.  Sweven offers safe and convenient shopping to its present UAE market at better prices.

The company also looks forward to serving soon the shoppers in Oman, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait.  In this way, we can also provide them our excitingly new way for women to express themselves through our array of trendy products. 

For our cherished UAE shoppers, it only takes two to three days for them to receive their ordered items with a cash payment facility on their doorstep free of shipping cost.  Offering our community members an assortment of the latest accessories, Sweven has come a long way. 

So, we’re acquainted exactly which trend to take in bringing you high class, but budget-friendly merchandises.  We present all of this to our community members while delivering excellent service and responsive support. 

Thus, at all times, we attentively watch for the latest vogues in seashell chokers, seashell anklets, necklaces, rattan Bali bags, summer dresses, and many more products while putting the wishes of our community members first. 

That’s why Sweven possesses satisfied customers throughout UAE, and exist on cloud nine to take a share in the market of the accessories e-Commerce industry.  The welfare of our community members are constantly our top main concern, so we look forward to your enjoying our commodities just as we take pleasure in making them accessible to you. 

Our Little Sweven Community

Through online marketing, we look forward to creating a bigger community of like-minded individuals who appreciate the beauty in the fashion accessories, clothes, and many more products that we offer.

Sweven supports its community that firmly believes in using accessories as another avenue towards expressing themselves and their style.  While a person’s choice of garments says everything concerning her chic and preference, accessories assist to bring it to a higher level.  

Clothing and adornments work in perfect combination.  So, with the convenience of our community members in mind, we pick fresh trends from all over the world for you to choose from and order in the simplest way possible. 

Sweden ensures that its members need not do any personal travel just to get a special Bali rattan bag made by hand.  This product, along with an awesome variety of other products can be delivered to your doorstep with simply a click of your finger. 

Existing primarily because of the community it was able to create even before our website launching, we would be grateful for the chance you’ll give to help you proudly and confidently take a step out your door knowing you have the kind of look that can only be described as absolutely YOU.

 Grateful for having such warm and supportive people around, we thought of giving coupons for new subscribers to use on their next order of our products.  Be a part of our community of cool, smart, and fashionable members who understand the value of time and money.

Mission and Vision

Sweven was founded to assist online shoppers, especially the residents of the United Arab Emirates, to have easy access to chic accessories normally not sold in neighboring physical shops at the least cost.

Our vision is to deliver quality products with a smile to our customers, to build wholesome friendships and business RELATIONSHIPS by picking the fresh trends from all over the world, and getting it to our community members with a simple click.

To attain this, we’ll be honored with people subscribing with us and becoming a member of our little Sweven family.  We welcome any advice, comment, suggestions, and feedback coming from you as we understand that only through the members’ care can we improve and make this store better.

 We’re evaluating our achievement by way of how successful we assist the mission and vision of Sweven as a whole and not just based on the profits we make.  As far as we are concerned, we’re not just selling products and providing topnotch customer service.

Instead, we are here to build a community comprising people who are focused on crafting the best they can do to define themselves as they perceived themselves to be at an easy and not so expensive way.  This is basically why we came up with this venture.

Your Sweven Team

We’re an autonomous, committed, founder-controlled e-Commerce of people acting as one.  Devoting our hours maintaining and upgrading Sweven, we serve people all around the globe while experiencing the pleasure of being able to be of service. 

Our team consist of online and offline marketers, designers, purchasers, developers, sales representative, writers, and support specialists.  Understanding the broad range of fashion and its never-ending transformation, our team is dedicated to providing service with flexibility and open-mindedness. 

For years, we have supported countless shoppers in their quest for excellent and difficult to get fashion accessories, clothing, and many more products.  We believe that each item we offer goes with the chance to satisfy the specific need of each buyer. 

Our team works hand in hand towards throwing together a meaning in every item offered.  Envisioning Sweven as an online destination that provides products and service to its community of stylish members, we encourage you to send us an email or contact us through the contact page on our website.

Rest assured that our team will respond to you within a few hours.  Feel free to support and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to catch all the new offers and collection.  Remember, Sweden is here BECAUSE OF YOU.