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Summer Vibes

Reminiscing Summer Vibes


Buried amid piles of office paperwork, I couldn’t help but sigh.  Looking through my huge office window, I can see the sun had set behind acres of sand, which had been my perennial view for almost a year now.  As I sip my newly brewed coffee, I could feel a slight tightening in my chest as my mind wandered off to an unforgettable memory of last year’s summer… 

I recall listening to the coconut leaves swooshing in the delicate summer breeze.  It was cooling me down while boosting my already happy mood, as I watch my bride walking slowly towards me.  I have never seen my wife as beautiful as that one summer morning as she walked down the sandy aisle lined with colorful ribbons, tropical flowers, and greens. 

Even my mom was beaming with joy and pride as she sported the latest seashell chokers, anklet, and necklace I gave her to match her rattan Bali bag and summer dress.  I’m so glad we decided to get married on a beach as it seems to have added much color to the event with guests coming in soft voile clothing of vibrant colors with matching pretty hats, cool sunglasses, cute sandals, and trendy jewels or accessories. 

It made me realize that a summer beach wedding is the best occasion to play with your style.  It doesn’t matter if you’re just wearing a summer dress, jumpsuit, romper or a tee-shirt and shorts as all of this can be played with jewelry, accessories, and fun footwear.

The reception was exquisite with dishes made from local produce and cocktail drinks with pretty little umbrellas garnished with various native fruits.  And the fruit kebabs were extremely appealing to the eyes and the taste buds! 

After the wedding ceremony, we immediately changed into our summer apparel to enjoy the afternoon with our guests on the beach.  Watching the golden sunset on the horizon for the first time with my wife was extra breathtaking and meaningful. 

It was a long, but awfully an enjoyable day that ended after having a bonfire dinner with family and close friends.  And the resort even gave us free entertainment by sending us their famous fire dancers and a live band! 

Amid the gentle sound of the breeze and soothing rustling of the leaves of the trees, I couldn’t ask for more while I sit contently beside my wife.  We finally called it a day and went to our cottage with a nipa palm thatch, which amazingly has a modern interior, to have my first night with my wife…

The sound of a phone ringing transported me to today’s reality.  After answering the call, I turned my attention to the paperwork I need to finish with a passion that surprised me.  Was it the memory of the summer vibes that gave me back my enthusiasm to work? 

Or, was it the thought that our first wedding anniversary is fast approaching and so is my approved summer vacation?  Whichever, here I am aggressively working with the thought that, soon enough, I will have another summer vibes to experience.  And this experience will give me the encouragement and strength to do office work for another year.     



Running out of Ways to Make Yourself Happy at the Beach during summer?



Tired of swimming with friends during the summer?  Perhaps, you’ve tanned yourself enough to last you a year or somehow lost that initial thrill of being close to nature.  Definitely, you wouldn’t want this year’s summer in the beach to end up just almost like a bummer like the other seasons.  So, here are two magical ways to perk up your summer vacation on the beach this year.

  1. Be daring

Do something you haven’t done before.  For example, if you’ve always had your summer beach vacations in the US, how about trying out beaches in other countries, like the Guimaras Island in the Philippines.  Actually, it really doesn’t matter where you go as long as it’s a beach you’ve never been before.

When you get there, pick something you might have always fancied doing, such as getting a full body massage, a tattoo, dancing on the beach, skydiving, consulting a native fortune teller, shopping local products, eating indigenous dishes, watching the sunrise on the seashore, smiling at strangers, swimming on a rainy day or just about anything you may have stayed away from in the past.

Just in case you forgot, summer vacations on the beach is the best time for you to give yourself the permission to slightly indulge without feeling guilty.  So, get out of your comfort zone to grow, learn more about yourself, experience the feeling of being more connected in and happy about life, besides meeting new, like-minded individuals. 

  1. Be creative

How about documenting your whole summer on the beach with your family or friends.  You can start by focusing on your clothes and accessories even before the actual trip.  For example, check out the amenities in the resort you’re planning to go with your friends.  Then, plan out your wardrobe from pretty hats, cool sunglasses, cute sandals, and trendy accessories. 

If you haven’t made it an occasion to play with your style before, this time, do it.  Check out your summer voile dresses, jumpsuits, tee-shirts, shorts, and pants and match them with your fun footwear, seashell chokers and anklets, necklaces, and rattan Bali bag. 

Upon reaching your beach destination, make this a beach group activity with pictures and videos taken for safekeeping or posting on social media sites, like Facebook.  Encourage everyone to be creative, not just in their attire, but also in the selecting of their scenery and posing. 

You can even ask your friends to contribute for a prize to your summer beach photo shoot.  After agreeing on the criteria, you may request some accommodating and friendly resort guests and employees to act as your judges.  Bet you haven’t tried this!

In reality, summer really makes people feel more carefree because of the effects of the warm weather and sunlight.  These two factors conspire in making you more connected to people and nature, calmer, and happier. 

And while enjoying your summer vacation, don’t forget to buy native products to give to your family and friends back home.  Who knows, this summer beach vacation can pave the way to your unplanned entrepreneurship!




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